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How the Peak Partners Thermostat Program Works

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It's easy to sign up for Peak Partners. You can do it here on the website or call us to speak with a Peak Partners Customer Service Representative.

1. Peak Partners smart thermostat(s) installed

After you schedule your appointment, we'll install your wireless Internet-accessible thermostat(s). There's no charge for the installation and setup, which generally takes a little over an hour.

2. Wireless router connected

After installing your Peak Partners thermostat(s), our technician will connect the thermostat(s) to your home's secure, wireless Internet network (Wi-Fi). The technician also will review with you the operation of your new thermostat(s) and Peak Partners Dashboard.

3. Dashboard access from tablet or smartphone

You'll be able to control your home heating and cooling system through the Peak Partners Dashboard using your smartphone, tablet or any computer with wireless Internet access.

4. Dashboard access from your computer

You may enter the Peak Partners Dashboard at any time by logging in with your user ID and password.

5. Wireless signal sent

When demand for electricity in the Fort Collins area peaks, we'll send a wireless signal that will "cycle" the compressor(s) of your HVAC unit(s) on and off. Typically these conservation periods occur on occasional weekday afternoons in the summer when electricity use is at its peak.

6. Balance the demand for electricity

As your HVAC unit's compressor (along with those of other participants) is cycling, the demand for energy is reduced. As a result, less electricity needs to be generated, which keeps energy costs lower as well as reduces carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with electricity generation.

Maintain your routine

If you are like most people in similar programs, you may not notice a change in your home's temperature. A typical conservation period may raise it 1 to 3 degrees. Your HVAC fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home during a conservation period.


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