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How the Peak Partners Water Heater Program Works

How water heater program works

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1. Peak Partners two-way communication device installed

After you schedule your appointment, we’ll install a two-way communication device on your water heater. There’s no charge for the installation, which generally takes a little over an hour.

2. Wireless signal sent

When demand for electricity in the Fort Collins area peaks, we’ll send a wireless signal that remotely activates the device, temporarily turning off your water heater for a short period of time.

DCU with red light

A steady [red] light on the Peak Partners water heater device will remain illuminated during a conservation event, alerting you to your water heater’s operational status.

3. Maintain your routine

Conservation periods last an average of two hours. They’re short enough – and water heaters are large enough (40 to 60 gallons) – so there’s plenty of hot water in reserve for household use and typically you won’t notice a difference.

4. Balance the demand for electricity

During the time program participants' water heaters are off, the demand for electricity is reduced. As a result, less electricity needs to be generated, which keeps energy costs lower and reduces carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with electricity generation.

5. Your water heater switches back on

When demand for electricity is reduced to an acceptable level, your water heater automatically returns to normal operation.

6. You save with credits on your electricity bills

For your participation in the Peak Partners water heater program, you receive $4 each month, or $48 annually, issued as a credit on your monthly electric bill.


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